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AMSA updates and what you need to know

Updated: Jan 19

We're here to help keep you updated with regulatory compliance updates. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has introduced a number of enhancements for Marine Order 504, aimed at enhancing safety and security measures across the board.

This comprehensive update covers various aspects of operational safety, ensuring the well-being of crew members, passengers, and vessels alike. It's a significant step forward in safeguarding our maritime activities.

Here are some key highlights of the new regulations: 1️⃣ Simplified Crewing Provisions: Aligning with the revised Marine Order 505, (Certificates of competency) the crewing requirements have been streamlined to ensure better alignment with certificate of competency arrangements.

2️⃣ Addressing Fatigue Risks: Fatigue will now be given proper consideration when determining risk-based crewing levels, ensuring the well-being of crew members and minimizing potential risks.

3️⃣ Enhanced Risk Assessment: Accessibility of risk assessments, including crewing determinations, is now mandatory for the master, crew, and enforcement personnel. Collaboration with the crew during the development of the vessel's risk assessment is also required.

4️⃣ Safety Management System Updates: Safety management systems must include induction training for new crew members and life-saving equipment training. Regular drills on emergency procedures must be conducted and documented.

5️⃣ Clear Reporting Pathways: A designated person for issue escalation must be established, with clear and direct reporting pathways. Crew and master must be familiar with these procedures, which must be integrated into the safety management system.

6️⃣ Lifejacket Wear Guidelines: Vessel risk assessments must address lifejacket wear, and written procedures must be incorporated into the safety management system.

How prepared are you for these updates? By leveraging the SeaLogs platform we'll work with you to help ensure that your operation is compliant with the AMSA requirements. Book a call with the team today.

🌐 For detailed information, refer to Marine Order 504



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