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pessenger numbers onboard

Stay up dated with passenger numbers onboard

Keep everyone safe onboard by improving communication between the admin team ashore and the crew onboard. 

Your framework to aid in the safe operation of your vessel

Purpose-built ferry specific software, focused on your success.

The operation of any vessel involves safety, security, and environmental hazards. SeaLogs, in conjunction with your operational plan assists in a successful and cost-effective compliance strategy.
Reduce unwated radio chatter and annoying the Master during the trip. Stay updated to the happenings onboard with SeaLogs.
Improve communication between vessel & shore
Use Information to your advantage
In a fast-moving digital world,
you need to be ahead of the curve.
Don't stick to what used to work,
but figure out what's working
now and what's financially optimised. The struggle is real
but your data can help. 
Enhance compliance

Passengers onboard.
- At all times

Using SeaLogs as the Digital logbook, passenger counts can be conducted:

  • when passengers join the vessel at the start of the voyage,

  • at a new location during the voyage to pick up or drop off passengers,

  • the vessel stops for water activities such as snorkelling, diving and swimming,

  • and at the end of a voyage during disembarking.

The passenger numbers recorded in SeaLogs (providing the vessels device is not 'offline'), will be displayed in real-time for the office admin team ashore to montior. 

Passengers onboard
easy timetable

Easy timetable layout

Simplify the vessel run sheets by tailoring a schedule, especially for it. Our timetables allow you to customise based on days of the week and public holidays and can even link into the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).

GTFS defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information which can be 
used to power trip planners, timetable publishers and more.

Vehicle ferries

Keep a real-time update with the number of Passengers AND vehicles onboard. 

Record cars, trucks, tractors, lorries, trailers and more. Whatever your ferry carries, SeaLogs can capture the details inside. 

Using our reporting section, you can create a monthly review to see precise details of the vehicles carried or customise to keep track of the payments taken onboard. 


Simplify Incident & accident reporting

Simplify and enhance the unusual events that are taking place onboard. Capture Event Types and details such as: 

  • Customer compliants

  • Additional safety briefings (rough weather etc)

  • Lost property left onboard

  • New Hazard identified

As well as the recommended: 

  • Incident

  • Accident

  • Near Miss

Having all of this information into the one place makes reporting a breeze. 

Streamline compliance

Logbooks are deemed legally binding and official documents. Spreadsheets are great. However, due to compliance regulations (e.g., unable to edit a completed log, tracking, deleting data, etc.), spreadsheets are somewhat questionable to stand up within a court of law. Heaven forbid!


Streamline the compliance process using our templated logbooks, so there’s less manual work and tidier compliant records.

SeaLogs provides you with the ability to make certain fields 'required' so you can ensure that you have the information filled

out correctly each and every day. 

SeaLogs Tasks section makes it easy
Report on Everything

Report on everything

Our reports harness all of the information provided in your logbooks and Inventory and Tasks section to gain a birds-eye-view of your vessel and operation. We have the ability to customise reporting for you, even if you carry bikes onboard, we can report on that. If you have pest traps or conduct marine mammal sightings, we can report on that too. 

We're here to work with you to provide you with all the reports you need based on the information collected in your SeaLogs solution. 

Your data is valuable, use it
with SeaLogs

Fullers Group saves hours each day by using SeaLogs onboard their fleet of 21 vessels to have an insight of activities and events happening onboard.


Book a call, get set up and enjoy your data & better transparency

Explore all SeaLogs features by booking a demo. Discover which plan best suits your business.

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