A complete system 
designed for your vessel

Easy to use onboard and provides you with the information you need.

Your logbook

Imagine reading a book handwritten by several different authors who, at the time, were bouncing up and down. That's the traditional paper logbook. 

We feel this pain! This is why our digital logbooks aim to automate as much info as possible, customisable to suit your vessel, and aligned to regulatory compliance standards. 

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Stop wasting time looking for where you wrote Plumber Daves phone number, or the type of fire fighting equipment that you have onboard! Let's face it, a well-organised system improves your productivity and safety. 

Our Inventory section is your vessels' 'Dropbox' or 'Google Drive'. It's that one place where you can keep everything easily accessible.


Machinery breakdowns can have a drastic effect on your business. With our Task section, you will have a complete insight into everything happening onboard, including ALL TASKS' status relating to your vessel and your crew. 


Smart reports

Expecting great results without a way to measure your progress will drive you crazy and negatively affect morale. 

Every aspect of SeaLogs is designed to be reported on. Download CSV reports for cross-reporting or use our graphs to gain clarity and insight to grow your business. Your data is valuable - use it well in SeaLogs. 

Achieve more with add-Ons

Crew Training
Our Crew Training & Drills section is crucial for any vessel or business with people working onboard and wants to excel with a safer, more efficient,
and streamlined operation. 
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Inventory & Tasks
Throw away the pen and digitalize your to-do list with our Inventory and Tasks section. Making Maintenance a breeze!
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Today is the day when you can finally harness all of the information collected onboard with our Reports section. 
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Interactive 3D
Enhance the training, awareness and location of safety equipment, hazards and procedures with our 3D interactive video tech.
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Join hundreds of thousands of vessels who use MarineTraffic and integrate your vessel or fleet directly into your SeaLogs account, keeping everyone in the one place.
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Gain clarity around when your vessel is 'actually' back home safe and sound. Track your vessel 24/7 online or offline, and close off the Overdue Vessel procedure with our smart, reliable integration.
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It is tough operating a marine business and with compliance regulations, it pays to be ahead of the game. Talk with us about our qualified consultants who can work with directly with you.
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This may sound a little cliché, but we have a boat-load of opportunities behinds the scenes. Talk with us today!
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"SeaLogs is essential for the safe running of our business"

"SeaLogs helps keep Skipperi on top of compliance for Maritime NZ, which is essential to the safe running of our business. With the SeaLogs platform, nothing slips through the cracks.

Having online record-keeping in an industry that is notorious for paper logbooks is game-changing. We can keep track of multiple vessels, create tickets for jobs that need to be done and easily manage daily boat checks.

The staff at SeaLogs are always listening to our feedback to bring the best possible service to the table. SeaLogs is the future of vessel management and we look forward to a long partnership”

- Skipperi 

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