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Why our customers love SeaLogs

SeaLogs has benefited a variety of vessels around the world. Check out what our customers are saying below.

Contact us, we love talking about boats.jpeg
Contact us, we love talking about boats.jpeg

Boat-Share and Syndicates

"[SeaLogs] is essential to the safe running of our business"

"SeaLogs helps keep Skipperi on top of compliance for Maritime NZ, which is essential to the safe running of our business. With the SeaLogs platform, nothing slips through the cracks.

Having online record-keeping in an industry that is notorious for paper logbooks is game-changing. We can keep track of multiple vessels, create tickets for jobs that need to be done and easily manage daily boat checks.

The staff at SeaLogs are always listening to our feedback to bring the best possible service to the table. SeaLogs is the future of vessel management and we look forward to a long partnership”

- Skipperi 

Skipperi is a fast growing people-friendly boating service with a mission of making boating possible for everyone. 


Passenger Ferries

"Fullers Group saves hours each day by using SeaLogs" 

“With a Fleet of 21 vessels and operating hours around the clock, having the ability to access our vessel's logbooks at any time has benefited our operation exponentially!

SeaLogs has made it possible for us to view logbook information such as Daily Checks, Passenger numbers, Fuel records and Engine hours, Trip Reports, Crew members and crew training and much more. We appreciate their ‘Problem = Solution’ approach and their dedication to creating the perfect logbook for us!”

Fullers360 transports more than 5.5 million resident and visitor passengers each year – allowing them to explore 18 unique destinations.


Ports - Tug and Pilot Boats

"SeaLogs has transformed
our record-keeping"

“SeaLogs has transformed our record-keeping on our fleet of vessels.  
Before SeaLogs it was a mission to trawl through previous paper log books with illegible handwriting trying to find historical data.  
Now it’s a simple search from the office PC to find information entered on any of our fleet logbooks.  
SeaLogs have worked with us tirelessly and over the past year have customised our electronic logbooks perfectly to suit our port-based operations. It is now easy for the operators to use, accurate, and provides management with all the required information at the office in real-time.”

Ports of Auckland Limited is New Zealand's largest container port and supports the country's trade and growth.


At RealNZ we have access to our fleet's logbooks at all times

“With SeaLogs, we have access to our fleet's logbooks at all times, we can ensure that they are not only compliant but are also completed. 

When reviewing these, we find them over 80% faster versus paper”.

RealNZ is a family-owned tourism company that's been sharing the spectacular southern part of New Zealand with visitors for over 60 years.

fleet's logbooks


 For Boom Sailing - "SeaLogs has added far more value to our business than it costs" 

"SeaLogs has quite simply made our business better.
It's better for the crew and their ongoing training, it's better for me as the MTOC holder having the fleet records up to date to the day and available to see at any time from my phone. 

It's better for our new crew members coming onboard and it's better for our planning and budgeting."

Boom Sailing is a kiwi-owned business with an extreme passion for sailing.

Join Boom Sailing and experience the best of the Coromandel. Choose a Sailing Charter adventure personalised to you.

Explore remote beaches, swim, snorkel or unwind with a refreshing beverage and some local delicacies. Prefer something a bit more fast-paced - simply sail the day away in style!


 For Southern Express -[SeaLogs] helping me manage a large fleet

""New Zealand Diving and Salvage MOSS audit done and dusted with some exceptional feedback. Credit to SeaLogs for the massive part they play in helping me manage a large fleet across the country."

This vessel 'Southern Express' is a modern, state-of-the-art craft with true 24-hour autonomy for up to 20 working days specialising in diving, salvage, survey, and supporting the oil and gas exploration and production sector.
for southern express SeaLogs

Pilot Boats

 "The system provides exceptional reliability and compliance"

"PPSP's launches go digital...Our new digital logbook (SeaLogs - Maritime Fleet Management) not only saves paper, it ensures all of the vital information our launch crews rely on for safe operations is at their fingertips when they need it most.


The system provides exceptional reliability and compliance, real-time tracking and detailed analytics to maximise the safety and efficiency of PPSP’s operations.


Our fleet of pilot launches has long been among the safest and most sophisticated in the world. Now they’re among the smartest.

It’s just another way we’re working to keep the Victorian economy growing – and going."

Since 17th June 1839, Port Philip Sea Pilots have led the way with their Marine Pilotage across all Victorian Ports. Using paper logs and systems onboard for 183 years - until digitalizing with SeaLogs.

Your Voyage Starts Here!

Create a safer, compliant, and efficient maritime business today!

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