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Going digital has never been easier

SeaLogs is proven for its simplicity and ease of use, even for the traditional seafarer.

​Like you - we too are Seafarers.
We've created SeaLogs just for you! 

Safety first

You have a lot of responsibilities on board a vessel/boat/ship/craft/raft/yacht/barge/pontoon - and we can all agree that the less paperwork, the better!

Keep things simple for all recreational and commercial activities on the water by providing you with the one place to record everything that you do. 

Keep your head above water by ensuring you document what, when, how, and who carries out activities onboard. Exceed your compliance regulations and live life happily ever after. 

Sagety First
Skipper at Explore Group

No more messy handwriting

We understand what it's like to be bouncing around at sea and how you need to record details quickly. Messy handwriting is hard to understand at the best of times. Using SeaLogs, you no longer have to decipher what the previous Master has written. With only a few clicks, you can get the information you need and read the text clearly.

Removing the guesswork for everyone makes for better work, a happier crew, and greater transparency in the office too.


Automatically capture
your seatime

Speed up audits and surveys by providing remote access directly to your SeaLogs account. 

Allow Surveyors, Maritime Auditors, Health and Safety Officers, and Consultants access to your account, so they can see ahead of time the status overall of your fleet. Saving you both time and money. 

Luxury Motor Yacht

Improve compliance and health & safety

If you're at the helm or hold a management role onboard, you will have the Maritime and Health & Safety requirements that you must meet. With SeaLogs, all of your documentation is held in one place. You can see the status of the vessel from a maintenance/tasks perspective, and easily review completed logbook entries. 

We're here to help you manage risks, enhance the safety of passengers with improved communication, and improve crew training/drills and emergency management plans. We make it easy to notify events, review workplace controls, and provide Operational Plans and health & safety information to your Crew.


Enhance your leadership skills and abilities

Streamline the compliance process using our templated logbooks, so there’s less manual work and tidier compliant records.

SeaLogs provides you with the ability to make certain fields 'required' so you can ensure that you have all the information filled out correctly each and every day. 

Enhance yur leadership
Manage your maintenance and tasks

One place to manage your maintenance and tasks

We all enjoy our days off but hate missing out on the action. With SeaLogs, you can see what Steve has done while you

were away.

In fact, it's easy to assign tasks to Maintenance Teams, Crew members, or other Masters. That way, everyone can review what needs to be done, and 


Our Features

Improves Safety
​Access Fleet data all in one place.
Enjoy real-time updates, keeping Shore Base updated with vessel movements. Greater and improved transparency.
Enhance Efficiencies
Logbooks are purposefully designed to suit your vessel. Streamlined for ease of use. Have the convenience of having unlimited access to your information.
Easy Compliance
Aligns with NZ MOSS & AMSA NSCV commercial standards. Reduces costs and time spent during audits. Ensures certain fields are completed. 

Enjoy better transparency across your business today

Explore all SeaLogs features by booking a demo. Discover which plan best suits your business.

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