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Build an asset for your yacht that adds value when you sell

SeaLogs works with you to get the information you need specific to your vessel and helps mitigate unwanted breakdowns and repairs. 

Swap the damp & mouldy paper, for a phone, tablet or computer

Sailing-specific software built for your yacht & focused on safety.

Our sailing logbook templates are a great foundation for your vessel.  Capture voyage details, watch records, weather, tide and activities carried out.
Whether your sailing offshore and in need to meet the Cat 1 requirements, SeaLogs helps you track Items, manage documents and certificates and keep all of your equipment up to date
Stay ahead of Equipment servicing
Use Information to your advantage
In a fast-moving digital world,
you need to be ahead of the curve.
Don't stick to what used to work,
but figure out what's working
now and what's financially optimised. The struggle is real
but your data can help. 
Create a tailored logbook

Add value to your yacht. Right away.

Many determining factors go into the purchase of a new yacht. Thorough and well-kept records add tremendous value as they provide peace of mind and help to remove assumptions. 
SeaLogs provides a tool to record both your voyages, the Inventories onboard and a detailed record of any work carried out. All in the one place. 


Yacht Right Away
Image by Samuel Schwendener

Track Items in the Gally, Lazarette, Forward Hatch...

Our Inventories section keeps it easy to know what Item is located where, the quantity and details of each Item. 

Easy to use Checklists

Operating a yacht can be full on, and with a lot going on, the last thing you want is to forget anything. 
Create a customised checklist, or reminder list, helping you stay focused on what needs to be done. 
If a defect or abnormality is found during a routine check, simply create a task to create follow-up action. All it takes is one click and you're done. 

Scarlet sails
Image by Ian Keefe

Record Sea time

Capture the time spent onboard, sign in and out of watch periods, and record 'Helm time' and voyage sailing time. 

Your time onboard can be collated into specific reports aiding towards qualifications and commercial maritime tickets. 


Report on Everything

Our reports harness all of the information provided in your logbooks and Inventory and Tasks section to gain a birds-eye-view of your vessel and operation. We have the ability to customise reporting for you, even if you carry bikes onboard, we can report on that. If you have pest traps or conduct marine mammal sightings, we can report on that too. 

We're here to work with you to provide you with all the reports you need based on the information collected in your SeaLogs solution. 

Report Everything

Start using SeaLogs for free

Explore all SeaLogs features by booking a demo. Discover which plan best suits your business.

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