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Smart Reports

Gain clarity and insight by using your data to your advantage with SeaLogs

Knowing what's really going on shouldn't be a mystery.

See where your vessels are performing well and where you need to improve.

Making critical decisions about your company without data is like driving a boat with your eyes closed.   


There are a number of important metrics you should review on a regular basis to ensure that your business is efficient.  

Need more details about these metrics? Our Reports section makes it easier to generate reports on every aspect of your operation. 

vessel performing
Specific Reporting

Specific reporting

Our Reports section is designed to align with the details as to what is recorded in your SeaLogs account

Instead of grouping all your data together as some generic systems do, we instead optimize every aspect of your information and display it in a tailored report. 

Report formats include graphs and raw data CSV exports. For integration opportunities, talk to us for more details. 


Reduce costs,
increase profitability

Dig deeper into your vessel's operation and see what you may find. 

Customers are using SeaLogs to generate reports on the weather versus the amount of fuel being added, the passengers carried across the days of the week, and determine which ferry runs can be removed. 

Look into which engine is burning the most amount of oil, or the average time worked by the crew across a period of time. 


Your data is valuable, use it
with SeaLogs.

Create a safer, compliant, and efficient maritime business today!

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