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General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for ferries

The only worldwide standardized format for public transit schedule data.

Our easy GTFS integration works seemlessly behind the scenes

Less is more when it comes to the role of the Master.
Don't bog them down with the details.
GTFS works automatically behind the scenes so you can capture the information your business needs.

Capture service and trip schedule details into SeaLogs. With real-time GTFS you easily can communicate disruptions (eg. wharves closed, trips not operating, important delays, etc.), vessel locations, and expected arrival times.
With a busy operation, it can be difficult to see which vessel is going where. SeaLogs connects to the GTFS seamlessly helping you track the locations of vessels, the passenger numbers along with the late departures and detailed reason why.
Built into the timetable
Use Information to your advantage
In a fast-moving digital world,
you need to be ahead of the curve.
Don't stick to what used to work,
but figure out what's working
now and what's financially optimised. The struggle is real
but your data can help. 
Static or Real-time GTFS

What is GTFS?

The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), has a static GTFS feed and a real-time extension.
GTFS defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information.
GTFS "feeds" let public transit agencies publish their transit data and for developers to write applications that use that data in an interoperable way.


Overview of a static GTFS feed

A GTFS feed is composed of a series of text files collected in a ZIP file. Each file models a particular aspect of transit information: stops, routes, trips, and other schedule data. The details of each file are defined in the GTFS reference.

GTFS Realtime Overview

Providing users transit data updates in real-time greatly enhances their experience of your transit services.

Providing up-to-date information about arrival and departure times allows users to plan their trips smoothly.
As a result, in case of an unfortunate delay, a rider would be relieved to know that they can stay home a little bit longer.


Live transit updates for google maps

Live Transit Updates is a service providing real-time transit updates to users of Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile. These updates include live departure and arrival times to transit stations and service alerts.

Report on everything

Report on passenger numbers, trip depature times, late departures, and much more. 

With SeaLogs, if we don't have the report you need, we'll work with you to ensure that you do. 

The information collected onboard is a valuable tool to help your business grow. SeaLogs is a customisable system you can tailor to suit your needs. 


Do you have any questions?

Your data is valuable, use it
with SeaLogs

Fullers Group saves hours each day by using SeaLogs onboard their fleet of 25 vessels, to have an insight into the activities and events happening onboard.


Start using your data and make better decisions today

Talk to a SeaLogs team member, and we'll customise a plan that works for you

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