Digital Logbook

Transitioning to a digital system, provides you with the tools to use all the data collected within. 

Because paper and water doesn't mix.

With a paper logbook, there is no backup. Once gone, all your information is gone. SeaLogs started after a logbook was lost, it contained six months' worth of information.

Since then, we've spiced the traditional logbook up. Regarded as a legally binding and official document, our electronic logbook solution is the foundation of recording everything and anything happening onboard.


Your paperless logbook has three core sections:

Crew, voyage, and engine room


The Crew

SeaLogs marine crewing software is designed to capture all details relating to your most valuable asset - your people. Record who's onboard, and document any visitors or supernumeraries along with the activities they are doing.

Streamline your
Crew Training and Drills. As an add-on module, you can see who needs to do training/drill, when it was last done, and easily capture details of any training or drills conducted onboard. 


The Voyage

We focus on the safety of your vessel and the Voyage you are on with boat fleet management software.


Keep track of the daily checks by carrying out vessel compliance software and use our Trip Report section to record details of your voyage such as locations, departure/arrival times, the number of passengers carried, pilot transfers, tug movements, rivers rafted, and much more.


Stay up to date with the weather and tidal information in your local area through our smart integrations.

Track and manage unusual activities and events such as customer complaints, rough weather, marine mammals, and accidents with SeaLogs nautical software. 


The Engine Room

Focused on your machinery and your propulsion details by using the engine room logbook feature from our maritime application software. 


Digitally record your Engine Log details such as engine hours, coolant levels, temps, pressures, and more. Keep track of your fuel, oils, and lubes along with other hazardous substances that are carried and used.

Worry no more, we understand that no two vessels are the same

Our top tier plans are customisable to provide you with the flexibility and information you need. Use SeaLogs to ensure you are relevant and purposeful. Stay focused to improve safety, compliance and efficiencies in your business today.

Fullers Group saves hours each day by using SeaLogs onboard of their 21 vessels fleet to have an insight of activities and events happening onboard.

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Your data is valuable, use it
with SeaLogs.

Create a safer, compliant, and efficient maritime business today!