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Making work at sea efficient, compliant and safe.

Manage your workboat fleet all in the one place

Replace paperwork with a digital solution that saves you time and unwanted costs

Purpose-built Workboat specific software, focused on your success.

The old dodgy workboat which listed heavily before the deck was loaded with stores, is a thing of the past. With compliance and health and safety regulations, times have changed. 
A safe workboat is a boat that has regular safety inspections and routine maintenance and is operated by a proactive management team. 
Workboats are required to move around the country, inshore, coastal and offshore waters. This makes managing the details of what is happening onboard difficult. SeaLogs brings everything into one place, to help you maintain a birds-eye-view across the fleet and stay updated with the latest details from onboard.
Bring remote vessels into the one place
Your data, your advantage
In a fast-moving digital world,
you need to be ahead of the curve.
Don't stick to what used to work,
but figure out what's working
now and what's financially optimised. The struggle is real
but your data can help. 
Manage Maintenance Easy

Improve Workboat safety

Using SeaLogs as the logbook, details such as: 

  •  the Daily Checks have been completed

  • Weather forecast and observations

  • Tool Box Talks are being completed, along with a system for following up on any corrective actions

  • Job details - how many people on board, watch times, machinery used, times and positions, activities and more

  • Engine hours, fuel bunkered and much more.

Remove the guesswork by having transparency across the work carried out, which can be helpful when it comes to invoicing the client.  

Barge Ramp Rentals

Manage Barges easily

Barges are often get forgotten about, yet they are special too. 
A Barge needs routine safety checks and inspections to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and are in a good, safe working condition. 
SeaLogs makes managing your Barges a breeze. Create a Recurring Task, which changes from Green, Orange to Red, alerting you when you need to take action and complete an inspection. 

Sweeten Research and underwater Surveys

Our customisable digital logbooks provide you with the flexibility a workboat needs. From liveaboard to rescue work, to a two-hour trip to record depth soundings, SeaLogs is the place to capture details of the work carried out. 

The Inventory section provides you with a register of Inventory onboard. If it's been a while since your crew has used a particular item, worry no more, along with the ability to upload documents, images or certificates, you can also upload operational manuals for refresh and refresher purposes.

Two Scuba Divers

Capture Diving details

From the details about the Divers on board through to the particulars about the work carried out during the dive, SeaLogs makes capturing this information accessible and all able to be reportable.

Divers may be different from your designated 'crew' onboard. SeaLogs provides a tailored space for you to capture the names of the divers and provide them with a digital waiver form unique to your operation, improving health and safety and safety overall.



Report on Everything

Our reports harness all of the information provided in your logbooks and Inventory and Tasks section to gain a birds-eye-view of your vessel and operation. We have the ability to customise reporting for you, even if you carry bikes onboard, we can report on that. If you have pest traps or conduct marine mammal sightings, we can report on that too. 

We're here to work with you to provide you with all the reports you need based on the information collected in your SeaLogs solution. 


Bring workboats working in all locations, into one place

"New Zealand Diving and Salvage MOSS audit done and dusted with some exceptional feedback. Credit to SeaLogs for the massive part they play in helping me manage a large fleet across the country."

- Chris, Marine Manager


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