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maritime compliance

Maritime compliance made easy

Keeping the most important parts of your MOSS/SMS/SOP's front and in focus

SeaLogs is your tool to help you manage...

Maritime transport
& maritime safety authority acts 
Occupational health and safety, and safety at work 
Hazardous substances and new organisms 
Maritime environment protection

and compliance in general


 Each wheelhouse might be different, but   your responsibilities remain the same 









Using SeaLogs helps:

Keep everything located in one place

Run things smoothly, keep your entire operating system tidy, and make Vessel Compliance a breeze.

  • Automate tasks like engine services and document reviews

  • Get a complete picture of your business from the vessels to your crew

  • Make monthly reporting and audits easy

SeaLogs vessel.jpg
Improve safety with SeaLogs.jpg
Gain clarity & insight

Streamline the connection between ship to shore.  

  • Remain updated on the passengers onboard

  • Log in 24/7, 365 days. 

  • Created detailed reports to guide your decision-making process.

Collaborate in real-time

Create automatic reminders to help you manage your worklist.

  • Automatically be reminded when your manual needs to be reviewed

  • Schedule maintenance and projects with ease

  • Updates in real-time across all company divisions. 

Customisable to suit each vessel

Tailor your logbook and entire management system specifically for each vessel.

  • No more fluff. You have a system designed right for each vessel and operation.

  • Customised reporting options.

Reduce fees and save time

Compliance Inspections

"Audit done and dusted with some exceptional feedback. Credit to SeaLogs for the massive part they play in helping me manage a large fleet across the country."

It's your turn - start using SeaLogs maritime software for free

Jump on a quick demo call, get the right setup you need, then use onboard.

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