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Plans to suit your vessel, no matter the size

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All pricing plans cover the maritime essentials with room to grow

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Templated Digital Logbooks - 


per vessel, per month

billed annually

or $35 billed monthly

Voyage & Engine Logs
Basic Drills & Training

Safety Checklist

Oil & Fuel Log

Weather & Tides




Not available with this plan. 
For details, please contact a SeaLogs team member here


Not available with this plan. 
For details, please contact a SeaLogs team member here

Reports & support

Basic Reports of Voyage and Engine Room

Optional Add-On Modules

Online Support




Everything is Recreational plus:
Customisable Logbooks - Voyage & Engine Logs

Customisable Checklists 

Customisable Drills & Training types

Events - Incidents, Accidents & more

Reports - Voyage Reports, Crew Sea Time, Engine Hours, Fuel Usage, Oils added & more


per vessel, per month

billed annually

or $75 billed monthly



Safety Equipment List

Spare Parts

Vessel Certificates

Vessel Documents & Manuals


Images & Videos


Part Numbers

Supplier Details
Recurring Tasks - Preventative Maintenance

Ad Hoc Tasks - Fault tracking, Job List, Defects more

Reports & more

Reports include Voyage details, Engine hours, Fuel added, Weather.

Optional Add-On Modules

Online & Email Support



Everything is Commercial plus:


Voyage Log with Position & Activity logging

Toolbox Talks

Radio Log

Visitor Waiver

River Flow & Level Report

Engineering Logs

Pilot Transfers & Tug Logbooks

Events - Incidents, Accidents & more



Customisable Categories

Tailored Equipment Lists - Safety Equipment, Machinery, Schematic plans, Hazardous Substances, Dangerous Goods & much more

Vessel & Crew Certificates

Documents & Manuals

Inspections & Survey

Images, Videos, Attachments & Links

Pricing details

Risk Register & Health and Safety
Recurring Tasks - Survey, Inspections, Health & Safety meetings, Certificate renewals, Document reviews & more

Ad Hoc Tasks - Projects, Survey, Health & Safety corrective actions

Reports & more

Extended Reports - Passenger nnumbers per Location, Vessel status, Timetable review, Daily Checks, Weather & Tides, Health & Safety Events reporting, Engine Room reports, Port reports & more

Optional Add-On Modules

Online, Email & Phone Support



per vessel, per month

billed annually

or $129 billed monthly

* Pricing for all plans is based on the local currency of the vessel's registered country.   * Pricing is subject to set-up fees.   * Discounts may apply for large fleets.

Fast and easy to set up

Set-up by yourself
Our template will get you started and then you can navigate and set-up SeaLogs how you like.
Your Time required: 1 to 2 hours
We do it with you
Our team will guide you through the setup process so you have the set up that you need in a short period of time.
Your Time required: 1 hour
We do it for you
We'll save you the time it takes to set up your account and will get everything ready to go, all you'll need to do is review and get going.
Your Time required: 15 mins

*Please note the pricing is charged in local currency and may exclude taxes. It is just an estimate. For a detailed review of your account, book a call here today.

Achieve more with Add-on's

Interactive 3D
Enhance the training, awareness and location of safety equipment, hazards and procedures with our 3D interactive video tech.
Reporting Icon-depositphotos-bgremover.png
Reporting Icon-depositphotos-bgremover.png
We partner with leading international maritime experts, who strategically work alongside you and your business to help you reach your goals. Talk to us to learn more.
Take your manuals and procedures to the next level with our interactive Flipbook partner. Talk to us to learn about how this can help your business today.
Reporting Icon-depositphotos-bgremover.png
This may sound a little cliché, but we have a boat-load of opportunities behind the scenes. Talk with us today!
Reporting Icon-depositphotos-bgremover.png

"Based on the time that SeaLogs saves you, the subscription price pays for itself and then some!
It’s better than cost neutral, it’s a no-brainer." - Steve, MV Augusto

  • What is the price for multiple vessels?
    The pricing is generally based per vessel per month, however for larger fleets or fleets that have a mixture of sizing and requirements, talk to us today.
  • Can I pay the subscription annually?
    Yes absolutely. Monthly, or Annually, via our SeaLogs site or we can set up regular payment invoices. Talk to us today to discuss payment options.
  • Will my data be safe and private?
    The team at SeaLogs are committed to the security of our customers’ data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and company information that you trust to us.
  • How many people can have access to my account?
    There are no limits to the number of people that you add to your SeaLogs account. Even better, is that with SeaLogs, you can tailor who has access to the different sections. For example you can provide an Admin login with complete access to the Reports, Logbooks and all sections. Master can have access to add and edit information, and you can provide Crew/Surveyors or Authorities with view only access - perfect during an audit.

Create a safer, compliant, and efficient maritime business today!

Gain clarity and insight by using your data to your advantage with SeaLogs

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