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Per vessel, per month. Aimed for vessels under 12m


Templated Digital Logbook
Unlimited Crew Members
Voyage Log (Trip Reports)
Engine Logs (limited)
Fuel Log
Weather & Tides
Baseline Reporting
Online Support
Optional Add-On Modules

Per vessel, per month. Aimed for vessels 12m to 24m


Everything is Recreational plus:
Customisable Logbook
Daily Checklist with multiple options
Engine Logs with multiple options
Oil/Fluid Log
Weather & Tide & reporting
Crew Sea Time Reports
Baseline Reporting
Engine Reports (Hours Run, Oils & more)
Online Support
Optional Add-On Modules


Per vessel, per month. Focused on vessels 24+m


Everything is Commercial plus:
Activity Log
Event Reporting
Engineering Log
River Flow & Level Report
Hazardous Substances
Radio Log
Visitor Waiver
Extended Reports
Online, Phone Support
Optional Add-On Modules




Plans to suit your vessel, no matter the size

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Crew Training
Our Crew Training & Drills section is crucial for any vessel or business with people working onboard and wants to excel with a safer, more efficient, and streamlined operation. 
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Inventory & Tasks
Throw away the pen and digitalize your to-do list with our Inventory and Tasks section. Making Maintenance a breeze!
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Today is the day when you can finally harness all of the information collected onboard with our Reports section. 
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Interactive 3D
Enhance the training, awareness and location of safety equipment, hazards and procedures with our 3D interactive video tech.
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Join hundreds of thousands of vessels who use MarineTraffic and integrate your vessel or fleet directly into your SeaLogs account, keeping everyone in the one place.
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Gain clarity around when your vessel is 'actually' back home. Track your vessel 24/7 online or offline. Close off the Overdue Vessel procedure with our smart, reliable integration.
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It is tough operating a marine business and with compliance regulations, it pays to be ahead of the game. Talk with us about our qualified consultants who can work with directly with you.
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This may sound a little cliché, but we have a boat-load of opportunities behind the scenes. Talk with us today!
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