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Create a safer, compliant and efficient operation

Align your business to the maritime regulations, keep authorities happy, our environment protected, and everyone safe onboard.

Enhance your maritime operator safety system, health & safety, and safety overall

Our purpose-built SeaLogs software is focused on your success.

Turn Insights into Advantages
In a fast-moving digital world,
you need to be ahead of the curve.
Don't stick to what used to work,
but figure out what's working
now and what's financially optimised. The struggle is real
but your data can help. 
Everything is personalised and specific. In a world of information overload, personalisation is the key. 
For You
Personal information protection
is a real concern. SeaLogs takes
a privacy-first approach that you
can trust. 

Unite Onboard and Onshore

Combining onboard with the onshore. Vessel Masters - Engineers - Shore Admin - Surveyors - Auditors - Contractors - Maintenance teams - Fleet Management companies. 

Work smarter and faster online with all of your fleet and vessel information located in one place.

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Reduse Survey & Audit Costs.jpg

Reduce Survey & Audit Costs

Speed up audits and surveys by providing remote access directly to your SeaLogs account. 

Allow Surveyors, Maritime Auditors, Health and Safety officers, and Consultants to access your fleet's information all held in one place. Access remotely and ahead of time, saving you both time and money. 

Enhance Crew Members

With SeaLogs, the Crew Training and Drill section makes up part of the logbook. Now you can see who needs to do training, what training they need to do, and when they have completed the training. Making an improved, safer, more efficient and better operation. 


Simplify Compliance

Logbooks are deemed legally binding and official documents. Spreadsheets are great. However, due to compliance regulations (e.g., unable to edit a completed log, tracking, deleting data, etc.), spreadsheets are somewhat questionable to stand up within a court of law. Heaven forbid!


Streamline the compliance process using our templated logbooks, so there’s less manual work and tidier compliant records.

SeaLogs provides you with the ability to make certain fields 'required' so you can ensure that you have the information filled

out correctly each and every day. 


Report on Everything

Our reports harness all of the information provided in your logbooks and Inventory and Tasks section to gain a birds-eye-view of your vessel and operation. We have the ability to customise reporting for you, even if you carry bikes onboard, we can report on that. If you have pest traps or conduct marine mammal sightings, we can report on that too. 

We're here to work with you to provide you with all the reports you need based on the information collected in your SeaLogs solution. 


"SeaLogs has transformed
our record-keeping"

"SeaLogs has transformed our record-keeping on our fleet of vessels.

Before SeaLogs, it was a mission to trawl through previous paper logbooks with illegible handwriting trying to find historical data.

Now it’s a simple search from the office PC to find information entered on any of our fleet logbooks. SeaLogs have worked with us tirelessly and over the past year have customised our electronic logbooks perfectly to suit our port-based operations. It is now easy for the operators to use, accurate, and provides management with all the required information at the office in real-time.” - Sam, Ports Of Auckland. 


Start using SeaLogs for free

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