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Improving safety in your Port

Enhance the compliance, safety and efficiencies throughout your Port Operation

Reduce risk and improve Health & Safety

A complete purpose-built port operations software to help you manage your vessels and crew

For Pilot Boats
Capture Sea Time, Ship names, add comments and notes about Ships, Towline usages and Pennant count numbers, record Shipping movements and more. 
For Tug Boats
Create reports fast and with ease. Review shipping dates, times, crew comments, and more.
For Shore Operations
Record your Daily Checks, Crew Training, Weather and Tides, Bunkering amounts, Engine details, Inventories, Tasks and Pilot Transfers all in one place.

For Tugboats

Automatically count towline & pennant usage

Tugboats stress their Towlines and Pennants on a daily basis. Your crew might be manually recording the number of jobs or usages a towline does but human entry only increases the probability of errors. 
Take the stress out of the entire process by letting SeaLogs do the recording for you.



Create recurring tasks for end-for-ends & line replacements

If a line breaks while under load, it can have disastrous consequences. Create Recurring Tasks to stay abreast of regular line inspections including Towline end-for-ends, Towline reordering and Towline/Pennant replacements. 
Our Ad Hoc Task section is the perfect place for the crew to note any chaffing, wear or corrective issues. 



For Pilot Boats

pilot boat transfer

Capture pilot transfer times

For a Pilot, leaving the Pilot boat and boarding a visiting Ship is one of the highest-risk jobs around. Sadly there have been many tragic accidents over the years. 
The SeaLogs Pilot Log provides you with the ability to capture the exact moment the Pilot leaves the vessel and boards the Ship. This provides details to assist with billing and administrative reporting.


Capture weather and tidal details

The Weather and Tide plays an important part of every Pilot Transfer that takes place. Paper logs are cumbersome and slow to record. SeaLogs streamlines the Weather, Tide and Sea Conditions to provide you with 'obersations' - that you can edit. 
Enter Tidal details in an instant, record Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Sea State, Barometer, Visibility and more with the click of a figure. Capture details during each Pilot and Tug movement. 


For Marine Managers


Report on Shipping

Our reports harness all of the information provided in your Logbooks and Inventory and Tasks section to gain a birds-eye-view of your vessel and operation.
We have tailored the Shipping reports into different sections to provide you with specific data you can use.   

We're here to work with you to provide you with all the reports you need based on the information collected in your SeaLogs solution. 

Report on Shipping
Image by william william

Compare scheduled ship visits with actual

The logbook is the one source of truth; it's the place you go to find out precisely what has happened on what day. 
Shipping schedules and forecasting tools are great at predicting the future...yet there are times when the future changes.
Events like voyage delays, port constraints, logistic issues, and more can all cause delays. Get to the facts with what has really been happening with SeaLogs. 

"SeaLogs has transformed
our record-keeping"

"SeaLogs has transformed our record-keeping on our fleet of vessels.

Before SeaLogs, it was a mission to trawl through previous paper logbooks with illegible handwriting trying to find historical data.

Now it’s a simple search from the office PC to find information entered on any of our fleet logbooks. SeaLogs have worked with us tirelessly and over the past year have customised our electronic logbooks perfectly to suit our port-based operations. It is now easy for the operators to use, accurate, and provides management with all the required information at the office in real-time.” - Sam, Port Of Auckland. 


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