Maritime software to record  
your vessels and crew

SeaLogs is a purposeful fleet management tool to improve safety, compliance and efficiencies on and offshore. 

Growing a Maritime Business isn't based on guesswork 

Without the right systems in place focused on your personnel and vessel, 
it’s costing you because…


Relying on a paper-based system increases the chance of human error and creates compliance risk.


The responsibility of Maintenance scheduling and Equipment renewal is often unreliable as held by one person.


Ensuring your vessel is operating compliantly is often a guess rather than having certainty by a proven system.

Your SeaLogs subscription gives you everything you need to

saves 1.5hr a week

Save up to 7 hours a week

Save your Master an incredible amount of time, and improve transparency throughout your operation with SeaLogs. 

ruduse audits time

Reduce Audit time by 25%

Save on the expensive on-site audits by providing your  Auditor remote access. Saving their time and yours.

asset for your vessel

Add value to your vessel

Create an asset with a detailed logbook and maintenance record, adding significant value when you go to sell your vessel.

Access from anywhere, anytime


For Businesses Ashore

Keep your operation one step ahead with detailed reports, insights, and complete overviews.

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SeaLogs is proven for its simplicity and ease of use, even for the traditional seafarer.

For Seafarers Onboard

Trusted By Vessels From Around The World

With us, size doesn't matter!

At SeaLogs, we think about Maritime Fleet Management more than anyone else on the planet.
We are with you as your Crew Management, every step of the way.


"Switching to a digital solution doesn't have to be stressful!"

- Scott Burk, SeaLogs customer


Enhance compliance, efficiencies and safety onboard & ashore

A small investment to manage your vessels and crew - all in one place.


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Start enjoying the entire SeaLogs platform.

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