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How Good is Your Incident Reporting? | Tips for Effective Reporting

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Lady upset because of an incident
There's nothing worse than an incident or accident ruining your holiday

The exact reason your Crew completes regular Crew Training is to help minimise the number of Incidents and Accidents occurring. Unfortunately, though, when you are dealing with ever-changing weather conditions, various crew personalities, and worn and often older equipment all mixed in with salt air, things happen. It's a fact. Your job as a leader though is to prevent, reduce the risks and educate your crew, that if the worse was to happen, they have the knowledge and skills to deal with it.

Providing detailed descriptions of a marine incident, including context and how it is being managed, helps any Marine Manager understand the risks, and ideally prompts change or influences a response, encouraging your Crew to report unusual events.

Incident reporting helps by:

  • Having an informed picture of the risks affecting the operation

  • Build an accurate and reliable record of Events  to help guide Crew Training, education and compliance activities.

  • Provide insights and trends to encourage safety policies and systems are continuing to be developed effectively and purposefully.

  • Provide your Crew with the assurance that the safety culture is continually improving.

By reporting Incidents and Accidents, you also meet your reporting obligations under Maritime law.

Along with meeting your compliance obligations, with SeaLogs, you can capture much more than just the Incidents & Accidents. With a SeaLogs customisable Events section; you can record details of anything unusual for example:

  • Disgruntled customer

  • Lost property

  • Marine Mammal sightings

  • Rough weather

  • Additional Safety briefings

  • Pollution controls

  • Sea-sick passengers/crew

  • much, much more.

The great thing is once the data is captured, then there are three ways you can report on this. For graph occurrences for example, you can filter by Event Type, select Vessel/s, and create a review across a date range period.

You can export the section, to see a complete overview of everything recorded in the logbook, and you can also export the completed page in the logbook for an entire review of your trip as a whole.

Create insight into unusual events like never before!

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