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Revolutionizing air purification in marine cabins: Foam3r

Professor Semali Perera from The University of Bath’s Department of Chemical Engineering, holding a cylinder of the new Foam3r.
Professor Semali Perera from The University of Bath’s Department of Chemical Engineering, holding a cylinder of the new Foam3r.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Marine Cabins

Imagine a world where the air in the cabins of ships and boats is as fresh as the ocean breeze outside. That world is becoming a reality thanks to a groundbreaking invention by researchers at the University of Bath. Meet Foam3r, a brand-new type of foam air filter designed to purify the air we breathe on board, making marine journeys healthier and more comfortable.

The Innovation Behind Foam3r

A Sustainable Solution to Air Purification

Traditional air filters do their job but come with a catch - once they're full, they're usually disposed of and replaced. Foam3r changes the game with a unique heating and cooling process that allows it to release its captured contaminants into a liquid, which can then be safely disposed of. The filter is then reset, ready to purify once more. This not only makes Foam3r an environmentally friendly option but also a cost-effective one.

Crafted for Efficiency

Professor Semali Perera and her team at the University of Bath’s Department of Chemical Engineering have developed Foam3r as a “highly adaptable disruptor technology” for removing microbes, CO2, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause odors. The secret lies in its composition: a high-temperature polymer packed with 'active media' and antibacterial agents, ensuring it captures contaminants without shedding particles over time.

Versatile and Effective

Foam3r’s versatility extends beyond marine cabins. It can be molded and adapted for use in aircraft cabins, car air filters, home air purifiers, and even respirators. Its efficiency against common bacteria and viruses is impressive, boasting a 99.9% effectiveness rate thanks to the

addition of active metals.

Bridging the Gap to Commercialization

Ready for the Market

Currently being tested in a domestic air purifier setup, Foam3r operates with two cylinders - one purifies the air while the other regenerates through heating, proving its ease of use and effectiveness. The next step? Professor Perera and her team are looking to partner with commercial entities to bring this innovative solution to the wider market.

Embrace the Future with SeaLogs

A Cleaner, Safer Marine Environment

At SeaLogs, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy environment on board your boat. That's why we're excited about innovations like Foam3r, which align with our commitment to enhancing marine safety and sustainability. Our all-in-one fleet management platform helps you keep track of all your safety drills, maintenance, and soon keep the air quality within your cabins seamlessly.

Keen to learn more? Check out Foam3r here.



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